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Tension, Compression, and Shear

Normal Stress and Strain
Problem 1.2-1 A solid circular post ABC (see figure) supports a load P1 2500 lb acting at the top. A second load P2 is uniformly distributed around the shelf at B. The diameters of the upper and lower parts of the post are dAB 1.25 in. and dBC 2.25 in., respectively. (a) Calculate the normal stress AB in the upper part of the post. (b) If it is desired that the lower part of the post have the same compressive stress as the upper part, what should be the magnitude of the load P2?


dAB P2 B dBC

Solution 1.2-1 P1 2500 lb dAB dBC 1.25 in. 2.25 in.

Circular post in compression ALTERNATE SOLUTION sBC sAB 2040 psi ?…(drop)

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James Gere 재료역학 6판 솔루션

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